Will They Remember?

This is written from the thoughts of Rahab as she awaits the return of Joshua’s spies. She just wants to be remembered by the spies, little does she know that she will be remembered forever in the royal line of David.

Will They Remember?

Will they remember?
Will they keep their word?

I’ve risked everything helping these men,
I’ve given myself over to them in trust
I don’t know if they are worthy,
But I am hopeful that they are different

The men that I am used to are not kind,
They are selfish and needy
They take advantage of what I offer

And I let it happen, I allow it

My livelihood is less than reputable
But someone has to put food on the table
My heart is callous and closed,
My trust in the world is non-existent
Quiet desperation consumes my days
Things aren’t supposed to be like this

Yearning and forlorn I hope for a change
Ashamed and embarrassed, I am in need
A radical reversal of reality is my desire,
I cannot explain why I have hope
Other than the character of my recent visitors

The king and his men know that I’ve lied
They searched my property top to bottom
If they discover what I’ve done,
There will be no saving me

Alas, I wait with anxiety and unfulfilled expectation
The future is unknown, but I look forward to it
I want a change, a transformation
Of my life and surroundings

I’ve kept my word…
But will I be remembered?

– Porter C. Taylor
March 2, 2012

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