Joshua the Successor

Today is my son’s third birthday. Hard to believe that he’s already three! His name is Joshua and this poem was written a few weeks before he was born. My prayer for him is that he too would stand strong and courageous before the LORD and that he would be able to say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!” Happy birthday sweet boy!


How do you take over for a giant?
How do you replace the prophet who led the people out?
The task before me is great, perhaps too great
It was one thing to enter into the land of the giants
Quite another to step the giant’s spotlight

I am but a servant to YHWH, to the deliverer and redeemer
His will, way and reign are my call to action
My heart is full of his words, my thoughts of his glory
The covenant He has made is my very existence
No matter the cost, no matter the call
I will obey. I choose, today, to be faithful

For years Moses has been my leader, my mentor
I scaled the slopes of Sinai as he met with the Lord
I heard the children of Israel dancing before the calf
I knew that there was something wrong
I’ve walked with Moses and seen how YHWH walked with him
YHWH would never leave him nor forsake him
Will it be the same with me?
Will the anointing stay or go?
Will the LORD walk with us or abandon?

I know in my heart of hearts that the LORD will stay
I know that the LORD is faithful to his people,
To those with whom he has made covenant
But the fear and terror that sets in cannot be ignored
It is not all-powerful, but it is full of power
I need the LORD to give me strength
I need him to give me courage
I need him to go with me wherever I go

Watch over me, O God, and guide my steps
Lead me God of my forefathers and keep me in your covenant
Use me as your anointed one and bring me into the land
Be with me as you were with him
Stand next to me and show me your glory

– Porter C. Taylor
March 7, 2012

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