The Golden Calf

A poem that I wrote back in 2012 from the perspective of the Golden Calf in Exodus 32.

The Golden Calf

Shimmering, sparkling, gleaming, beaming,
My light for eyes to see
Dancing, singing, shouting, praising
Israel in front of me
Swirling, twirling, whirling, hurling,
Joyous revelry at my feet
Clapping, jumping, crying, praying
In rhythm with the beat

My self-awareness is little and my history short
I’ve not been around long, and am on my way out
I was created by man out of God’s gifts
I was forged in the fire with holy metal

The leader was not to be seen
He had disappeared for over a month
The people grew desperate, they were longing
For someone or something to praise
For someone or something to lead
The leader’s brother knew not what to do
He collected God’s gold in a frenzy
He set to work and formed me in flame
I was the beauty that erupted
The dazzling display for all to see

The people were full of joy, they had hope
Not in their God but in their god
Deep down they knew their efforts were folly
But their feelings were irrational
I knew that this was wrong, that I was an idol
All creatures of our God and King
Lift up our voices and hear us sing

My eyes were pointing heavenward, my heart crying
Even as the people used and abused me
The leader came down the mountain, his anger ablaze
I could feel his furor vibrating through the valley
How glad I was that he rebuked the people
How glad I was to be returned to my purpose
I am the gift of God to the people of God
I am the gold given in release from Egypt
I am not worthy of praise, indeed I am praise
May the Maker forgive me and the people
May the Creator still consider me blessed
I want to dazzle and gleam for his holy name

Dancing, singing, shouting, praising,
That’s what is due the King
Melting, molding, burning, purifying,
I am but a thing

– Porter C Taylor
March 2, 2012

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